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Dungeons & Dragons Strike 4

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Role Playing Games

After many years, I had the nostalgic urge to play pen and paper role playing games that I have done when I was in high school.  Those were great times with many happy memories.

These days, Wizards of the Coast, under Hasbro, are the current holders of Dungeons and Dragons brand, and they have released 4th edition, abbreviated DnD4e.

I tried to get into this game, and I found myself a bit overwhelmed by the numerous books, such as three player’s hand books.  Then Hasbro/Wizards comes out with a new system called, Essentials (some calling it DnD4.5e), which is suppose to be easier and compatible with the earlier books.  In reality, there’s a chaotic mix of older material and the new revised rules.  It seems that one needs one needs Hasbro/Wizard’s Character Building that requires an online subscription.

In the community, you will have those adopting DnD4e or Essentials (DnD4.5e), or DnD3e systems like Paizo’s Pathfinder, or alternative systems altogether.  The overall market seems small in comparison to decades ago, before World of Warcraft.

Here’s some articles I think articulate matters between DnD4e Essentials and base DnD4e more knowledgeably that I can present here: