Persian Letters

This is a transcription system I found from books and online sources.  The Persian in Afghanistan, called Dari (دَری), and Iran, called Farsi (فارسی) or Parsi (پارسی) use the Arabic alphabet with some additional letters for sounds available in Persian that do not exist in Arabic.

Persian Consonants

Persian Letter
p p پ
b b ب
t t ط , ت
d d د
k k ک
g ɡ گ
3 or ʔ ʔ ع
ch چ
j ج
f f ف
v v و
s s س , ص , ث
z z ظ ,ز , ذ , ض
sh ʃ ش
zh ʒ ژ
x or kh x خ
q ɣ ق
gh ɢ غ
h h ه
h or 7 h ح
m m م
n n ن
n ŋ ن
l l ل
r ɾ ر
y j ی

Persian Long Vowels

Persian has three long vowels:

aa or ā ɒː آ , ا
i ی
u و

Persian Short Vowels

Iranian Persian has three long vowels that can be expressed through seldom used markers.

a æ ـَـ
e e ـِـ
o o ـُـ

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